Multipotentialite (noun) 
An educational and psychological term referring to a person,
particularly one of strong intellectual or artistic curiosity, 
who excels in two or more different fields.

Humblebrag (verb)
To speak in a covert yet boastful manner; to show off with indirect phrasing.

ApLOLogize (verb)
To laugh out loud while making an apology.

PERFORMER | Lauren does this sometimes, when she books the gig. She’s a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association and represented by the Kim Dawson Agency.

WRITER | Lauren writes books for future adults + the occasional script + the more frequent FB post. She’s a children's literature fellow at SUNY Stony Brook and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Educators. She’s still looking for a literary agent for those books she mentioned. (You an agent? Let’s chat.)

HUMAN | Lauren is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mother of two girls. She calls these people The Team. (Not a reference to athletics, which aren’t in her wheelhouse. Seriously. She does not want to join your softball league.)